BT Baby Monitor 250

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5.00 out of 5

Re-chargeable batteries in the parent unit allows you to freely move around (initial charge of 16 hours required for optimum performance and to avoid future battery life issues)
Rich suite of features allowing you to tailor the unit to yours and baby’s individual needs
Alerts and reminders–various modes of alerting you to sounds in the baby’s room; including full sound monitoring, beeping, flashing lights or vibrating
User guide enclosed explaining features and settings, which allows you to filter the alerts you do want and not the ones you don’t want. To get the best from your BT Baby Monitor 250 unit we advise that you read this guide in full prior to use.

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Calm and relax your baby with a selection of lullabies with the award winning BT Baby Monitor 250.

The BT Baby Monitor 250 comes with HD-sound, parental talk-back, a wide range of lullabies and room temperature monitor–giving you even more peace of mind with your baby.

The monitor is proud winner a host of awards, including the Top Mother & Baby Award (Gold Award) 2011, Mumsnet Best award, ‘Top Product’ award, and ‘Best Baby Monitor Brand’ from Prima Baby & Parenting Magazine.

So what’s so good about the BT Baby Monitor 250?


HD Digital Sound and Parental Talk-back

Like the BT Baby Monitor 200 and the Baby Monitor Pacifier, the Baby Monitor 250 has crystal clear digital HD sound, and a talk-back feature. The parental talk-back allows you to calm your baby when you’re not in the room, while the Hi-definition Sound (Hi-dS) ensures no more crackling sounds or interference.
The screen on the parent unit allows you to check the temperature, set reminders, and change lullabies, all from downstairs. Click here to see a larger image.

The BT Baby Monitor 250 comes combined with a wide-range of lullabies (from Mozart to “twinkle, twinkle”), all of which have been proven to calm and relax babies.


Huge Range for a Digital Baby Monitor

It has a huge range of 50 m indoors and 300 m outdoors, so you can be sure to always be in contact as you move around your home.


Rechargeable Batteries

The parent unit contains rechargeable batteries, giving you the freedom to move around normally within your home while still keeping contact with your baby.


Nightlight and Torch

Once baby is asleep, keeping them undisturbed is always important. The featured nightlight and torch functions allow you to find your way around baby’s room without having to turn on the main light.

Check the Temperature, Set Reminders

The BT Baby Monitor 250 comes with a screen on the parental unit that allows you to check the temperature, change the lullabies and set reminders, wherever you are. The 250 also includes a temperature-changing nightlight that changes depending on how warm baby’s room is. This allows you to see if the room is too hot or cold at a glance.


Alerts and Reminders

Set a reminder for bed time, feeding or even your favourite TV programme. All of our monitors come with various modes of alerting you to sounds in the baby’s room–full sound monitoring, beeping, flashing lights, or vibrating–ideal for when you’re busy doing other things and need to put the monitor in your pocket.
The BT Baby Monitor 250 has won a number of high profile awards, including the Mother & Baby ‘Gold Award’ 2011. Click here to see a larger image.
Travel Bag

The BT Baby Monitor 250 comes with a handy travel bag, allowing you to easily bring the monitor when you’re visiting relatives.

So when you want to watch TV or make the dinner in the other room, but want total reassurance that your baby is safe and sound in the cot, the new BT Baby Monitor 250 is the Baby Monitor for you.


So which baby monitor for you and why choose BT?

Well, we have history with baby monitors. Between them our BT Baby Monitor 100 and 150 won almost every award under the sun, including the prestigious Which? Best Buy and the Mother & Baby Gold Award.

Now with new range on board we have recently won the Prima Baby and Parenting Platinum Award (the top award) for best baby monitor brand.

The BT Baby Monitor 250 has already won a number of high profile awards, including the Mother & Baby ‘Gold Award’ 2011, Mumsnet Best award and the ‘Top Product’ award.

Ensure you’ve the right monitor for baby today and choose from the BT selection of BT Baby Monitors


Easy Set Up

Activate the batteries by ensuring that the plastic tag at the bottom of the Parent Unit is completely removed
Connect one of the power adaptor cables into the socket on the back of the Parent Unit charger, connect to a mains electrical socket and switch on
Place the Parent Unit onto charge and ensure that the red charging light on the charger unit is illuminated and that the battery icon on the Parent Unit is scrolling
Leave the Unit on charge for approximately 16 hours–You can speed up the charging process by switching the Parent Unit off
Connect the remaining power adaptor cable into the socket on the back of the Baby Unit and connect this to a mains electrical socket and switch on. Once the units are linked, the green Link indicators on the Parent and Baby units will stop flashing and remain a steady green
Should you encounter any problems during this process, please call the BT helpdesk on *free phone 0808 1006554
Calls made from within the UK mainland network are free. Mobile and international call costs may vary.


Encountering a Beeping Noise

If you hear a ‘beeping’ warning noise from the Parent unit but are not sure why, we offer the following advice:

Is the link light also flashing? Check that the Baby Unit is illuminated. If it is not, please ensure that the power adaptor is still connected and if this still does not switch on, please test using a different electrical socket
Check that the Feed Timer is not set
Check that the Crying Alert is not switched on
Is the temperature icon also flashing? Is the temperature too hot? If so, adjust the temperature alert

Additional Guidance Tips

Try switching the Baby Unit off at the power and removing the batteries from the Parent Unit for approximately 30 minutes
Ensure that none of the buttons are stuck down. If they are, trying cleaning first with a damp cloth or call the helpdesk for advice
Try calling the free BT Helpdesk on 0808 1006554 to talk to an advisor
Box Contains
Baby unit
Parent unit
2 x AA NiMH 1300mAh rechargeable batteries for Parent unit (pre-installed)
Parent unit charger
2 x power adapters (item code 057711)
Travel bag (located underneath top layer)

Colour White/Purple; Battery Type (parent) NiMH; Battery Size (parent) AA; Battery Capacity (parent) 1300mAh; Baby Unit (Weight) 146g; Parent Unit (Weight) 133g; Charger (Weight) 41g; Baby Unit Dimensions 5.7 x 11 x 150.6 cm; Parent Unit Dimensions 4.8 x 6.7 x 12 cm; Charger Dimensions 3.8 x 8.6 x 6.9 cm; Country of Manufacture China

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2 reviews for BT Baby Monitor 250

  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    Love bt baby monitor 250 – my favorite. So easy to use 😉

  2. Frederik
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    I bought this baby monitor about 2 weeks ago and I have to say I’m incredibly impressed with this device! Easy of use, design, value for money,… simply a great product 🙂
    I just bought another one to give to my sister as a present as she is due in a couple of months.
    2 thumbs up!

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